Art, Literature, and Music Development

- an ongoing activity for the recruitment and exhibition of artistic, literary, and musical talents. We continually seek artists for a multitude of creations in various mediums and disciplines. All art projects developed emphasize the theme of human unity by attempting to foster an appreciation and respect for cultural diversity in all aspects of our society. A particular emphasis is currently being placed on the employment of "many diverse" ethnic minorities in the Hollywood motion picture industry. Whenever possible, cooperation, resource sharing, and exchanges between segments of society that are experiencing conflicts with each other are encouraged. For examples of unity art click here. Any fusions of styles deemed significant are methodically documented for future reference and public accessibility. Click the following link for the arts development document entitled: "The Principles of Unity Art".

Internet Megasite

- a comprehensive database with advanced search engine capabilities is currently being planned for construction. It is intended that this web site be one of our planet's largest online information banks and prime source for referrals to art, dance, entertainment, literature, media, music and cultural events worldwide. Advanced technical expertise is being sought.


- a repository for the collection of artistic, literary and musical materials centered on an appreciation and understanding of all world cultures. It is intended that this building (still in the formative pre-planning stages) also provide a forum for public speaking and a venue for monthly artistic, literary, and musical exhibitions. Donations to the library's main books and music catalogue are now being accepted. The design of this building
is currently being sponsored by Graphisoft U.S. All forms of assistance in the creation of this edifice are welcomed. www.unitylibrary.org

Public Service Announcements

- billboard, cinema, Internet, magazine, newspaper, radio, television, and any other electronic or printed mass media means for delivering the message of human unity are being actively developed at this time. These mass media messages are regarded to be a necessary tool for the development of a healthy social environment. Currently, it is perceived that most mainstream media practices favor the representation of only a few select groups and their respective agendas within any given nation's greater population. Therefore, by virtue of an increased awareness and respect for the greater diversity and human rights of all people in a modern progressive society as delivered through these messages - it is hoped that feelings of appreciation for the oneness of all humanity will be further developed amongst nations and people from many diverse cultures in all societies. To merely state that we are "one world" which is comprised of many people from various backgrounds and beliefs is clearly not enough. All people of the world must unite in the universal mindset of acceptance for the eternal truth that world peace can only be achieved through a recognition of the oneness inherent amongst all humanity.


- as, the means to readily access data on worldwide cultures is integral toward the development of feelings for oneness amongst all people. Accordingly, it is also important that a determined study on the vis-a-vis positions of: ageism (discrimination of the elderly); ethnocentrism (racism); homophobia (hatred of homosexuals); jingoism (overly zealous nationalism); misogyny (sexism); puritanism (religious fanaticism); discrimination of the mentally and physically handicapped; and any other extinct, extant, or evolving forms of moral and/or physical supremacy indoctrination must occur. Thus, so as to compile data and report on reasons for the development of these affronts to a modern progressive society, and to act as a preventative measure for the continued proliferation of these diseases to the mind and spirit, this organization will continue to expand its research and further develop a professional method for the study of such conditions. Studies on important regional issues affecting the harmonious habitation of diverse human societies are also being conducted.