What is the main purpose of Unity Corps?

Simply put, the primary reason for the existence of this organization is solely "to promote feelings of oneness amongst all humankind."

Is this a regional, national, or international group?

Presently, this is primarily a U.S. national nonprofit organization with strong international affiliations and support currently being developed.

Are any religious or political groups affiliated with this organization?

No. Although, there is a strong implicit respect for all traditions of the religious, spiritual, and meditative sectors; this organization takes no stand on the existence, nonexistence, form, manner or force of the supreme being or deity. Likewise, political positions or alliances are generally not taken by this nonpartisan body. An exception to the policy on political positions may be rendered only if the denunciation or support of a stance clearly promotes the purpose of our mission.

Does this organization endorse any type of candidates for public office?

No. While support of certain benign civic ventures may be occasionally promoted with prominent public figures, i.e., the creation of public artworks, promotion of cultural festivals, etc., mutual support of a project should not be mistaken as an endorsement of any individual.

Is this a membership organization?

No. There are absolutely no required fees or any other type of dues needed for involvement with this organization.

How does this organization support itself?

It is 100% dependent on donations, gifts, volunteerism, and all other forms of public contribution. No government, sectarian or other institutional funding is presently being received.

Who is eligible to participate in the Unity Corps programs?

All programs are open to any person in support of our mission. The only restraints are those imposed by limitations of budget and space.

Is my monetary donation or other type of contribution tax deductible?

Yes. The total dollar amount of money donated and estimated value of physical properties given are fully tax deductible for both the state and federal governments. Other types of contributions such as professional expertise and labor assistance also qualify to be written off depending on certain circumstances. Please check with an I.R.S. agent or a certified public accountant for more specific detailed instructions.

Are applications for employment being accepted?

No. All employable positions are filled at this time. Internships are evaluated on a case by case basis pending the organization's needs.

How can I best help this cause?

Be nice to your fellow human being. Get involved. Support this organization by volunteering your time on any of the projects described herein. Create art, music, or literature promoting the concepts of human unity. Express your appreciation of a progressive culturally diverse society by informing others about our efforts. Donate and/or contribute in whatever manner you feel fit. Love all people unconditionally.