Art is powerful. It has the ability to change the world.

When asked about the creation of a specific piece in support of the unity movement, my initial reaction was an appreciation for the opportunity to have some exposure for my skills. But then, a realization came to me that this is more than an opportunity for exposure of myself alone. It is also one of exposure for this very important mission of Unity Corps. Or, as it is commonly put, "the promotion of oneness amongst all humanity", a.k.a. "The Cause".

In my piece "Bare Essence of The Way", the intention is to show a man stripped of his skin, no race, so no distinction of a skin color is displayed. Therefore, there is no ability for others to discriminate based on such, just a man showing the essence of his deep belief. That is, he ponders. What is the way to have peace on earth? He believes it is through unity. This is shown through his forming of the peace hand sign being motioned toward the ground, and his forming of the unity hand sign being held to his forehead. There it is, quite simply put. I am hoping my piece will give many the opportunity to think deeply about our ways...


Estados Unidos


Los Angeles, California