As a visual and imaginative artist, I work purely on impuls. When I set out to do a piece I do not have a plan laid out. I let my intuition, subconscious, or higher self take over and just allow the creation to flow.

To me Art is an intimate process of projecting myself and my perspective onto the world, and the images that I produce as a result exist as a very personal reflection of myself. My art is a material reflection of my soul.

My art represents my eternal processes of finding, understanding, and defining myself. As I am ever evolving so too is my art ever evolving.

My aim is to provoke the viewer to delve deep within each piece and therefore deeper into their own psyche, perhaps observing or experiencing emotions that are not clearly apparent at first glance. I believe each painting should speak for itself - rather than to force an interpretation on the viewer.

Another gift spirit given to me is my deep reconnection with nature. With my first digital camera, I began to explore old forests more often. My admiration for their beauty transformed into something much deeper. I then realized that when I am one with nature, everything I look at with my mind becomes my reflection.

I am a student of the natural, universal laws, and archetypes. I work with the life force energy while all the time learning how to dance on a sacred path. I ground myself in the earth as I reach to the heavens.


United States


Racine, Wisconsin